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FARE ® – waterSAVE – EVERY DROP COUNTS » REDUCING CO 2 EMISSIONS BY MORE THAN 60% THE STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX ® CERTIFICATED AND ENVIRONMENTALLY- FRIENDLY DYED COVER MATERIAL MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTICS. » REDUCING ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY UP TO 70% waterSAVE THINKING PROGRESSIVELY IS GOOD – BUT ACTING PROGRESSIVELY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE » We do not just consider existing production processes as part of our sustainability strategy, but also look at new, progressive technologies. When on the search for new, more sustainable production options, we discovered a revolutionary dyeing process which dramatically reduces both consumption of valuable raw materials as well as energy consumption and environmental impact with hazardous matter. We also use this process for our new waterSAVE cover material, which is now used for the popular STYLE range, the Colorline umbrellas, and the new FARE ® -Steel for the first time. The yarn made from recycled plastic for our waterSAVE cover material is already fully dyed during the production process. In this case, no water is required whatsoever. Far fewer chemicals are used and the drying time in energy-consuming machines is a thing of the past. DUE TO WATERSAVE COVER MATERIAL: TOTAL WATER SAVED PER UMBRELLA IS ALMOST 6 L* * This is calculated based on water savings of 2 million litres for processing around 300,000 m² of fabric, from which around 350,000 umbrellas can be made. » REDUCING SLUDGE PRODUCTION BY 98 %

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