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FARE Umbrellas main catalog (EN) by TrendyourBrand

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Buy umbrellas online We won't leave you and your customers out in the rain. Promised! Discover our umbrella world, which is characterized by diversity and a large selection of different umbrellas. The great rain protectors are available in various models and shapes in our online shop. Whether classic stick umbrellas or practical pocket umbrellas for almost every occasion and use, there is something here. The umbrellas are just waiting for you to heroically catch the drops to bring you dry through everyday life. So that you don't lose your sense of wellbeing in wind and rainy weather. Umbrella models The selection ranges from small to large umbrella roofs. These are available in our online shop in many different colors and designs. You can order pocket umbrellas with a telescopic extension, mini pocket umbrellas, large stick umbrellas, long umbrellas, umbrellas for children or even fashion umbrellas online or buy from us online. Stick Umbrellas - Have a handle that is not retractable. These are e.g. provided with a round hook handle made of wood or a stylish soft-touch handle. The stick umbrellas consist of a stable steel stick and are equipped with an integrated release button. Pocket umbrellas - are the handy and compact companions for everyday life. One of our models of the “Oversize Pocket Umbrella Magic Windfighter Carbon” is equipped with a high quality windproof system and plastic rails. For greater resilience in strong gusts of wind. The covers are water and dirt repellent due to original Teflon. In short: a fiber protection. The details of the umbrella consist of carbon optics and an integrated release button Children's umbrellas - As the name suggests, they are processed in a child-friendly manner and are easy and safe to use thanks to the springless safety slide. In addition with rounded and enlarged tips to protect against injuries. The handle has an additional gimmick, namely space for a name tag. Technical functions and materials Our umbrellas - from the WT Group - World Trade Group - are made of materials such as: fiberglass, light but stable aluminum and the details are equipped with carbon steel. We carry comfortable automatic-function umbrellas that can be opened quickly and easily. The umbrellas consist of high-quality windproof systems for maximum frame flexibility in stronger gusts of wind.

FARE Umbrellas main catalog (EN) by

EN UMBRELLA factbook 2023 LED interior lighting d Diameter 105 cm Rounded tips

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