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IT La nostra offerta è sinonimo di uno straordinario design del prodotto. Facciamo affidamento su una qualità duratura ed esperienze tangibili. Combinato con funzionalità intelligente e materiali ecocompatibili. Siamo aperti a produzioni e idee speciali. Il team di TrendyourBrand attende con impazienza la tua richiesta. DE Unser Angebot steht für ein außergewöhnliches Produktdesign. Wir setzen auf lang anhaltende Qualität und fühlbare Erlebnisse. Kombiniert mit cleverer Funktionalität und umweltverträglichen Materialien. Wir sind offen für Sonderproduktionen und Ideen. Auf Ihre Anfrage freut sich das TrendyourBrand Team! EN Our offer stands for an extraordinary product design. We rely on long-lasting quality and tangible experiences. Combined with clever functionality and environmentally friendly materials. We are open to special productions and ideas. The TrendyourBrand team looks forward to your inquiry. FR Notre offre est synonyme d'un design de produit extraordinaire. Nous nous appuyons sur une qualité durable et des expériences tangibles. Combiné avec une fonctionnalité intelligente et des matériaux respectueux de l'environnement. Nous sommes ouverts aux productions et idées spéciales. L'équipe TrendyourBrand se réjouit de votre demande. ES Nuestra oferta representa un diseño de producto extraordinario. Confiamos en una calidad duradera y experiencias tangibles. Combinado con una funcionalidad inteligente y materiales ecológicos. Estamos abiertos a producciones e ideas especiales. El equipo de TrendyourBrand está a la espera de su consulta.

Important for Eating &

Important for Eating & Drinking 34 Borosilikat HIGH TECH GLASS Borosilicate glass first produced in 1887 by the German chemist Otto Schott – is a highly chemical- and temperature-resistant glass that is mainly used for glassware in laboratories, chemical process engineering and at home. The good chemical resistance to water, many chemicals and pharmaceutical products (hydrolytic class 1) is explained by the boro content of the glass. The insensitivity to sudden temperature changes is a consequence of the low coefficient of thermal expansion of about 3.3 × 10-6 K-1. (Source: 1- High heat resistance: Household glass can break under the influence of heat and especially temperature fluctuations – borosilicate glass also withstands extreme temperatures up to to approx. 500 °C), does not start to melt, but remains clear and robust. 2- Lightweight but above all stable: Borosilicate glass is very stable and robust despite its low weight and is therefore well suited for travelling. 3- Chemical-free: Borosilicate glass does not contain any chemicals or substances that are hazardous to health and surpasses most metals and materials in its chemical resistance! 4- Tasteless & odourless: Because of its chemical resistance, borosilicate glass is the best the highest quality glass for foodstuffs as it does not odours, tastes or discolouration. 5- The environmentally friendly alternative: Borosilicate glass is fully recyclable and reusable after melting down. 1 L MY LOGO Thermobecher double wall 1 Metmaxx® „Generation Refill ThermoGourmetXXL“ DE Die erste Glas-Thermoflasche für unterwegs, Zuhause und das Office mit großer Füllmenge (1l), doppelwandigem Borosilikat-Thermalglas und extrem praktischem Ausgieß- und Trinkdeckel. Inklusive Einsteckteesieb für Teegenuss oder aromatisierte Getränke, Eiswürfelwasser oder aber auch Kaffee... Sehr griffsymphatisch & gut geschützt durch die mitgelieferte Thermohülle. EN The first glass thermo bottle for on the go, at home and in the office with a large capacity (1l) double-walled borosilicate thermal glass and an extremely practical pouring spout and drinking lid. Including plug-in tea strainer for tea enjoyment or flavored drinks, ice cube water or even coffee... Very easy to grip & well protected by the supplied thermal cover. Info Borosilicate glass, stainless steel lid, food grade, 800ml. PU / 40. Inclusive Tea strainer (removable), thermo sleeve (removable), design box Material Glass/Plastic/Metal Size (mm) 91x91x295 Print L7 XL 55x15 / L8 XL 55x30 / L3 15x15 / T11 40x30 / Transferdruck Manschette auf Anfrage 334-00.001 black 100 200 300 500 1000 * 19,96 19,44 18,92 18,40 17,90 * Indicative price s. page 150 1,0l Pro

MY LOGO L Thermobecher single wall Mehrwegkunststoff Thermobecher double wall 35 1 L MY LOGO Important for Eating & Drinking 1 Metmaxx® „GenerationRefillGourmet“ DE Nachfüllen statt Plastikmüll: Glastrinkflasche mit Thermotextil für Heiß- und Kaltgetränke, perfekt für die Generation Refill. Neu mit Teesiebfach im Deckel, langem Trageriemen und optionaler Handschlaufe. EN Glass drinking bottle with thermo-textile for hot & cold drinks. New extra long handle and optional wristband. Info Inclusive Material Size (mm) Print 332-00.001 black Perfect for refill! food grade, thermo resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel lid, 800ml. PU / 40. Tea strainer (removable), thermo sleeve (removable), design box Glass/Plastic/Metal 218x77x77 L8 XL 50x25 / L7 XL 40x15 / T9 35x30 / DP-UV 25mm Durchmesser / T8 20x20 100 200 300 500 1000 * 11,96 11,50 10,98 10,40 9,98 2 Metmaxx®GRG-ClickDrink DE Extra Artikel um Ihre Generation RefillGourmet Trinkflasche weiter aufzuwerten und vom Genuss in den Sport und Unterwegsmodus zu bringen – Extra Deckel mit Click auf und zu Einhandbedienung um schnell und tropfsicher an das Getränk zu kommen (das Teesieb kann in der Flasche verbleiben oder herausgenommen werden) EN Extra items to upgrade your Generation RefillGourmet drinking bottle and bring it from enjoyment to sport and on the go mode – Extra lid with click on and off One-hand operation to get to the drink quickly and safely (the tea strainer can remain in the bottle or be removed) Inclusive Material Size (mm) Print 332-AddOn Desing box Plastic/Metal 70x70x57 L7 XL 40x15 / L3 12x12 black 100 200 300 500 1000 * 2,70 2,70 2,70 2,70 2,70 2 Add on Drink & Click Lid- Variant for on the go. * Indicative price s. page 150

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