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About data transfer for

INFORMATION ON DATA TRANSFER For producing transfers we would ask you to send us digital artworks full size (1:1), in accordance with our guidelines mentioned below. Sizes and colours in HKS or Pantone-colours are important for handling an order quickly. For calculation purposes please only send data in jpg pr pdf by e-mail. The recommended data format is pdf. For checking purposes a jpg-view may be helpful. Please clearly mark the parts that are to be printed white – either by using a coloured background or by representing a colour. Generally speaking, the programme in which the data have been done, has to be stated. Data for personal computer and MAC can be transferred. PC: Corel Draw 12, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2 MAC: Macromedia Freehand MX, Adobe Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS and Indesign CS Plastisol-, Soft- and Flock Transfer Vectorized data are ideal for plastisol-, soft-, and flock transfers. The fonts used have to be converted into curves or paths, i.e. vectors. In case there aren’t any vectors, the data can be transferred full-size (1:1) with at least 600 dpi. If possible, the colours should be separate or at least they should be clearly assignable. For plastisol- and soft transfers the finest lines have to be at least 0.3 mm, for flock at least 0.4 mm. Photo-Plastisol or Offset-Plastisol This transfer technique is a combination of 4-colour offset printing and coating with glue in screen printing. Therefore, the files have to be in CMYK and full size (1:1), with at least 300 dpi. Absolute opaqueness is achieved by the colour white and the white glue. Please state clearly which parts are to be with glue or white. The lines of details outside the logo such as wordings are to be at least 0.5 mm. As the glue is white,no transparent transitions such as shadows can be done. The printing technique is 4-colour offset-printing according to Fogra standard. A proof will be very helpful to achieve a higher colour precision. We can accept the data by e-mail, CD, DVD or USB-stick. The volume of data should not exceed 15 MB, otherwise the data must be sent by USB-stick, CD or DVD. Data Transfer by e-mail

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