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Daiber Certificate (EN)

Daiber Certificate

Labor für chemische und physikalische Prüfungen an Textilien, Leder und Bedarfsgegenständen Labory for Chemical and physical testing of textiles, leather and consumer products ■LABTECH chemische und physikalische Materialprüfung CERTIFICATE Certificate number: Certificate holder: Product: 0R1E1C0P2E0S21 Gustav Daiber GmbH Vor dem Weißen Stein 25-31 72461 Albstadt - Germany JN1819 Ladies' Hybrid Jacket, JN1820 Men’s Hybrid Jacket, JN1821 Ladies' Hybrid Vest, JN1822 Men's Hybrid Vest, JN1169 Ladies' Softshell Vest, JN1170 Men's Softshell Vest, JN1171 Ladies' Softshell Jacket, JN1172 Men's Softshell Jacket, JN1817 Ladies' Structure Fleece Jacket, JN1818 Men's Structure Fleece Jacket, JN1814 Hardshell Workwear Jacket, JN1815 Padded Hardshell Workwear Jacket, JN1812 Workwear Stretch-Pants Slim Line, JN1832 Workwear Pants Slim Line - STRONG, JN1833 Workwear Pants with Bib - STRONG -, JN1161 Ladies' Modern Padded Jacket, JN1162 Men's Modern Padded Jacket, JN1167 Ladies' Padded Jacket, JN1168 Men's Padded Jacket, MB6234 6 Panel Workwear Cap - SOLID -, JN1176 Men’s Parka, JN1309 Ladies’ Fleece Vest, JN1310 Men’s Fleece Vest, JN1311 Ladies' Fleece Jacket, JN1312 Men’s Fleece Jacket Checked according to: After document check: plausibility check of the pre-certificates in connection with the finished product. The product has been tested on a voluntary basis for compliance with basic requirements and can be identified with the test mark shown below. The certificate holder may not transfer the certificate to third parties. Observe terms of use. Changing the test mark is not permitted. Certification mark: RECYCLED POLYESTER APPROVED byüLAB ECH ID121979 Test report number: Test site: Valid until: Quakenbrück, April 24, 2023 V01 121979 DE Labtech Prüfungsgesellschaft mbh Amselweg 5 49610 Quakenbrück - Germany 2023-09-14 'jßMk Thomas Hülsmann (Managing director) 0R1E1C0P2E0S21 LABTECH Frilftingsgesellschaft mbH Ohemische und physikalische Materialprüfungen Amselweg 5 4%10 Quakenbrück Telefon 05431 / 188-355 Telefax 05431 / 188-368 Email Steuer Nr. 67/200/22931 USt ID Nr. DE 117704455 AG Osnabrück HR B 20196 Sitz: Quakenbrück Geschäftsführer Thomas Hülsmann Markus Beuse

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